Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Day of Spring

It's the first full day of Spring ... finally time to put away the wool coat and swap it out for a jacket. I was tentative about yoga class today because of my knee, but it turned out to be a good class afterall. I was able to get up into a headstand, with a little bit of help from Nathan. The stretching really helped my left leg in general and I feel much better. The race is four days away and I've decided to not run again until then. I'm confident of covering the miles (8K = 4.9 miles); it's just the time that I'm concerned with. My goal is to finish under 60 minutes. I'll be running alongside my 14-year-old daughter and 20,000 plus other runners. As long as it doesn't rain and my knee holds up, it'll be doable.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Night is Alright for Fighting

Too much coffee has been consumed in the course of the past three hours. I went way over my carb limit for today (the soy latte with sugar-free vanilla is what set things off). I was able to get a few things accomplished tonight. The race is next Sunday and my knee took a beating this week after three 40 minute+ runs. During Wednesday's yoga call, my instructor said I have "runner's groin." I had to ice the knee after each run with Sandra (our quads were killing us, too). Ibuprofen is our friend.

I ran into a few old friends this week. One at a wake and the other at a Starbucks. It's was a bit surreal to play catchup in a 10-15 minute window with people you haven't seen in over ten years ... but so good nonetheless.

"And there's peace and unity and we can be happy everafter."
Happy Everafter by: Julia Fordham

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring Fever

I have been battling a cold for the past two weeks. Winter has dragged on for far too long here. We are desperate for a little more sun. Such direct statements for a Thursday night post. I need to run outside. The Shamrock Shuffle 8K is coming up in two weeks and I've only run four times in the past month. If it breaks 50 degrees tomorrow, then a long run is in order for this weekend. I must finish under 60 minutes. Caitlyn is running with us. I think we can.